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A: I see a problem at the end of the URL you are posting. See this picture: It looks to me like the image with the asterisks was cropped. Either that or it is an error in the code. In any case, this is probably not the full URL you are using. Anyways, to get the link to work, you can use the file property. If you are working with a static file (e.g. image.jpg), you can directly use file://image.jpg to make it work. However, if you are working with a URL, you need to encode it first, so that it is proper HTML-safe. You can do that by replacing the / with %2F, and the? with %3F. Related: Converting a URL to a file path in a PHP string Ways to encode a URL for safe browsing Q: Will Caffeine free my coffee? I know that Caffeine is often added to coffee and other hot beverages to make them easier to consume by users. Is it true that this actually affects the health and makes it a greater threat? I mean, will removing this kind of sugar effect my health, or will it have any impact at all? A: Caffeine is a psychoactive substance in the same family as alcohol. It's basically a mild stimulant which would be safer and better for your health than alcohol if you drank it in moderation. It's primarily used in tea and coffee because caffeine is one of the most widely consumed drugs in the world, especially in coffee, where it is the most popular way to get caffeine. It's a widely consumed drug because, if consumed in moderation, it's both mildly stimulating and non-addictive. Coffee (and other caffeine-containing drinks) is a great source of antioxidants, so it's actually a healthy supplement to a diet full of green, leafy vegetables and other sources of antioxidants. However, if you abuse caffeine, it is possible for you to become addicted to it and it can be very addictive, particularly if you consume it in excess and for prolonged periods of time. To answer your question directly, caffeine doesn't affect health in any way. A: Adding caffeine to food is very common, because it is considered as a safe and convenient way of introducing a mild stimulant into the diet. This is true if the food ac619d1d87

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